Friday, September 14, 2012

Willma is taking a little trip back to her childhood -> new release!

Ok, first sorry to all those who read that good ole Facebook during the past 2 days and allways read something like "new track is going to be released". I will not get into the details, but some stuff went kinda wrong so i allways thought the new track would be just a matter of a few minutes of work... and then ...well...

But now it is done! Our new trip takes you back to the days of dear Willma's childhood. I will not get into the details because, as you can imagine, Willma's childhood was not like any childhood of a little girl. There was that incident with that other child which was found burried in the sand and also there was some accident at the beach... ahh, no I will not tell you the bloody and or embarassing details. *LOL*

So here is TRACK NUMBER ELEVEN of the upcomming album! Just 2 to go! And we plan a nice little surprise for the release of the album, but sadistic as we are, we will not tell you yet. Just as much as there will be 5 copies of the album given away for FREE in a sweepstake... oops, now I told it... ;) Details follow...

So here's the new track "Childhood Memories"! Enjoy!

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