Monday, March 3, 2014

Willma Poppen presents: "Blauer Montag"!

As I already wrote in the description for the new Willma Poppen song "Blauer Montag" yesterday: It's rough, it's dirty , it's LOUD! This is probably the absolute correct description for the latest work for this project. And above all, it is farout. At latest when you arrive at approximately 4 minutes of the track, you will agree.

The title
What a stupid title is this again? So either you have not yet heard the song and/or you have no idea of electronic music of the 80s. The slight references (*cough*) to a well known chart breaker of this decade should not remain hidden even to a deaf person. When I thought about a title, I got a hearty fit of laughter, when I translated the title of the 80's songs literally into German. We absolutely had a name for the baby!

The stylistic references were not the beginning of the development of this work. In the beginning it was all really a completely genuine idea. But little by little I heard more and more similarities with the classic and thought it would be funny to emphasize them at least a part of the track. Some will now complain that I haven't done a 1:1 copy of the "New Order" classic. I did not want to do that. It's not that am unable to do this theoretically, but have you ever experienced that I had fun to create 1:1 copies? Nope , not my thing!

So what's next?
To end this post, I would like to tell those who do not already know, that this is a pre-release version. So, this is not the version that will soon end up on the album "Willma im Wunderland". Oh yes, the Album: Only 3 songs left to do! Ok, that was really enough text. Here's "Blauer Montag". Recommended volume setting? LOUD! The neighbors will thank you ;) .

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