Wednesday, January 30, 2013

...and the winners are...

I proudly present the winners of a free download of the album "Heroes of the Popp-Culture". At the end some more people signed up and so it was a real draw. Let's make it short. The winners who took part via Facebook are:
  • Dachdecker Hansa
  • Jojo Wolter
  • Rene Hartmann
You will get a Facebook message containing the download link today.
The winners who took part via mail are:
  • Jan T.
  • Frank Walter
You will get your download link via mail today.
Please make sure you download your album soon, because my webspace isn't unlimited and I like to keep things in order ;)

Monday, January 21, 2013

We popp on!

Ok, that somewhat failed completely. What? Well, the sweepstakes where you were/are able to win one of free downloads of the album "Heroes of the Popp-Culture"... which should normally have ended yesterday with the announcement of the winners. So, what went wrong? For all your sleepyheads, who do not read my latest news on Facebook, Twitter, the Blogs etc., here's a summary: 2 weeks ago a otherwise great event, namely a massive hardware donation, turned into a kind of a desaster. After the installation of a new SSD and 8 GB additional RAM, my former system disk was no longer recognized by the system. The following repair and data recovery sessions kept me from getting ANYTHING done... amongst those things was the promotion for the Willma Poppen sweepstakes. And EXACTLY this is the problem now: Due to my unwanted abstinence from working, too few people got to know about that mega event. And currently there is such a little number of participants, that it doesn't make sense to draw the winners now. So I decided to delay the end of the sweepstakes to the 30th of January, to give more people a chance to participate. So, if you did not sign up yet, you still have 2 ways to win:

1.Like the Facebook page of Willma Poppen.
2.Wrtite a comment, which song you like most from the album.
3. Participate in this Facebook Event.

Write a mail with the subject "We popp on!" to and write in the mail, which song of the album you like most.

WHAT? You still have not pre-listened the album? Then simply do it on Soundcloud.

The album is also on Spotify. So you can stream it there too.

And now good luck to all once again!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Now we are poppin'! Willma Poppen gives away 5 free downloads of the album "Heroes of the Popp-Culture"!

Sorry, the year started somewhat lazy, and some of you asked, when it would be possible to win a copy of the album after I announced that while doing the Cimelium album sweepstakes. Now is the time! If you took part in the Cimelium sweepstakes, you'll know how it works. But because many of the Willma Poppen fans cannot stand Cimelium, I better describe it once more.

Ok: Five persons have the chance to win a free download of the first album by the Willma Poppen project, "Heroes of the Popp-Culture". You are on Facebook? Then everything is really simple: Just "like" the official Willma Poppen fanpage on Facebook, write at the Willma Poppen wall, which song you like most on the album and you are on your way. Alternatively you can just participate in this Facebook Event. A like of the fanpage  would still be extremely nice.

You have no Facebook? I don't ask why. Are THEY after you? ;) Jokes aside: Just write a mail to with the subject "sweepstakes" and in the mail please write which song of the album you like most. That's it!

You didn't have the chance to pre-listen the album in full? One possibility is Spotify (better sound quality than on Soundcloud). I actually wanted to embed a Spotify player here, but it didn't work in Firefox. So just click this link.

But of cause you can still also listen to it on Soundcloud (ATTENTION: Bad sound quality because of the crappy Soundcloud encoding):

The winners will be drawn and notified on January 20th 2013. Much luck to all participants!