Friday, March 29, 2013

"Willma im Wunderland" - New song & more...

I proudly present: A monster! A cute monster, but still a monster. Actually this was meant to become a track for the album "Madeira" by the "Cimelium" project, but after a time a majestic, calm and folk-ish typical Cimelium production morphed into that cute buttshaking... "thing". First I planned to release it still as a Cimelium track for "Curral das Freiras" (a little village in Madeira), but then yesterday a good friend visited me and told me about the consequencies this would possibly provoke. I had pictures of the folks from "Curral das Freiras" in my head suddenly where they chase me equipped with pitchforks and torches to take revenge for that song ;). Such thoughts finally convinced me, that it would not a great idea.

And at all: The "thing" contained meanwhile typical elements of the Willma Poppen sound and so a transformation was just the right way to go. I exchanged the rather soft kick drums for some "inna di face" kicks, the snare and some other sounds got sharpened to deadly razor blades and the typical "Cimelium" ethereal mud was cleaned up. Viola! We have a new Willma Poppen track!

Now the "thing" sounded THAT weird, that it was anything but easy to find a name for the monster baby. First I actually really thought to call it "thing" or so. But then there were those flutes, which reminded me all the time of gnomes, elven... you know all that little stuff ;) on my mind. Somehow then I stumbled across that errie looking drawing on the Web, which was inspired by "Alice in Wonderland". You see the drawing embedded above. Somehow I thought, that this would be a great cover art for the second Willma Poppen album. You know: Willma loves it weird and grotesque! Out of a small idea became a big one: "Willma im Wunderland" (Willma in Wonderland), a great title for the new track and ALSO for the second Willma Poppen album. The picture will become the cover art and all tracks on the album get German names. Why? Because it is funny :)

Ok, and that is REALLY enough text. Have fun with the new hit of the Willma Poppen project: