Saturday, December 22, 2012

Apocalypso - Are we alive? (New Song!)

Of cause we are! It has been a bit quiet around the Willma Poppen Project since the release of the "Heroes of the Popp-Culture" album. So some allready thought that the project says good bye with that album. That thinking was especially fueled by some rumors of "discontent"  between the members of the Willma Poppen team. This is settled, because I, alionsonny, decided since quite a time to continue the project on my own.

This marks the start of a new era for the Willma Poppen project. The sound will of cause change a bit, now that I am able to 100% decide about the future style of Willma Poppen, which opens a completely new field of possibilities. For those, worried about the changes: I will make sure that you continue to love the Willma Poppen style. But let's face the facts: You all recognized over the time, that we could not keep up with the original approach of the project, which was to create trivial, masscompatible and commercial music. We all were too much into experimenting and had our own artistic goals. And along that road, which finally lead to the release of "Heroes of the Popp-Culture", we found our own dedicated audience. Actually we expected a different kind of an audience. Actually our audience is not the masses now, but a dedicated and demanding audience, who love exactly those experimental and sometimes a bit weird creations featured on "Heroes of the Popp-Culture".

So what will change? Since the 13 tracks so far released by Willma Poppen have a strong 80s music influence, I decided to push that further. Since I love the 80s popmusic, especially the Euro- and Italo Dancemusic, I decided to incorporate a lot more of that kind of music. Still I also love a lot of the 90s Techno/Rave stuff and also want to put some elements I love from that decade into it. The basic elements, which influenced the tracks of Willma Poppen so far, which stretch from 70s Disco to modern Trance music will still be a big part of the Willma Poppen sound.

After so many words about the future of Willma Poppen, I am proud to present the first piece of art of the new Willma Poppen era. This also is the start of the work at the second Willma Poppen album, which has no name / workingtitle by now... let's call it "Fritz" ;). So here's the song. It was entirely produced on December 21rst 2012. You remember? That doomsday which was somehow cancelled ;). I tried to capture my feelings about that day in the song -> who feels it, knows it.
Do you like it? Please let me know if you do. So let that mark the start of a even better, stronger and creative future of the Willma Poppen project. Popp on!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Heroes of the Popp-Culture NOW on Routenote for just 8,45$ !!!

Yeah, this took quite some time. Not my fault. Routenote had some problems getting the album in the shop. But, thanks to James from the Routenote support, we got the problems solved and now you can buy our first album "Heroes of the Popp-Culture" online finally for just 8,45$. No need anymore to order it via mail. Yes, I know some folks found that process more than just inconvinient. So sorry, but not everything in life is convinient ;)

EMERGENCY NOTICE: By accident a early unfinnished version of track number 3 "Popp-Corn" ended up in the album release. So if you are a early purchaser of the album and got that unfinnished version, please contact me, and I will send you the real thing. You can easily identify the unfinnished version, because it repeats the same phrase all the time after a while and ends appruptly instead of softly fading out at the end. Sorry for that little mistake. The release on Routenote is 100% correct!

And here's the link to the album in the Routenote shop: JUST CLICK HERE!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

News from Willma Poppen!

Heya folks! First news is, that there's a new AlionLive Madeira video out, featuring the most recent tracks by Willma Poppen. Enjoy a nice & crazy busride into the wild heartland of Madeira with booming Willma Poppen sounds.

The second thing is: We have some merchandising stuff available for you, like T-Shirts, Buttons & stuff, featuring the covergraphics of the album "Heroes of the Popp-Culture". This was not our idea, but at least one true fan wanted to have that. Unfortunately the shop is currently only on the german Spreadshirt site, but we'll do our best to also open a Spredshirt shop on, to give all you non-germans a chace to buy the stuff without problems. CLICK HERE to get to our german shop!

We are busy building a german version of the Willma Poppen homepage and the Blog, so our overwhelming german fanbase does not require to learn lousy English ;)

That's it!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The album "Heroes of the Popp-Culture" is OUT NOW!

Yess, you can order the album right now, BUT... there are some difficulties... unfortunately... Ok, as you may know I distribute music via the retailer Routenote and it seems, that it will take some time until the album is on my Routenote shop and then it will take another 2 to 6 weeks until it is available on iTunes, Amazon etc. I do not want to bore you with the details...

But I really want you to be able to get the album right now, especially because some of you have been waiting such a looong time for it. So the only way for you to get the album is to order it from me directly. To keep it all short & crisp, here's what to do:
  1. The price of the album is 9,99 € or 11,99 US$.
  2. Send that ammount of money either to my Paypal account ( or write an E-Mail to and I will send you the banking details for bank transfer.
  3. Once you have sent the money, please write me a mail with your name, your E-Mail address and method of payment.
  4. Once I received your payment, I will send a RAR-archive containing the album to the E-Mail address you provided. If this doesn't work for you, I will provide you with a download link where you can download the album.
What you get is all 13 tracks of the album in pristine 320 kbps MP3 quality plus the front cover graphics in high resolution. Talking about quality: This is NOT the bad quality you can listen to at Soundcloud or in the AlionLive videos. Soundcloud as well as Youtube heavily compresses the audio and I am allways disappointed when I upload either a track to Soundcloud or video to Youtube how bad it sounds there. So if you buy the album, you will be able to listen to Willma Poppen in a quality you have never heared before.

If you have ANY questions about the ordering process described above, if you prefer a different way of payment or of receiving the album or a different audio format, please feel free to send an E-Mail to and I will do my best to help you.

Sorry for the inconvinience
alionsonny, Mastermind of the Willma Poppen Project

Monday, September 24, 2012

All hail the mighty Arpeggiatorus! DONE! The last track for the album!

Yeeeehaw pardners AAAND DONE! We are allmost ready to release that album you have waited for since 2008. Aww, so much time has passed allready since you first witnessed the sweet sounds of the Willma Poppen Project? Yes it has. But well... the wait is soon over. That new track we released today, titled "Holy Arpeggiatorus" deserves it's name, because it features a heavy load of stunning use of the allmighty arpeggiator.

So what's left to do until we release the album? There are 3 tracks I, alionsonny grandmaster of the Willma Poppen Illuminati Lodge, have to take a close look at again and fix some mixing issues. Those who listened for some times through the tracks will know which tracks I mean ;)

So, without any more words: Here's THE HOLY ARPEGGIATORUS!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Disco Bear is in the house! New track released and more...

Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock... time is running towards the release of our album! The track "Disco Bear", released today is the next-to-last one and then it is finally done! So it looks like the album is released until the weekend. It will first be available on Routenote and later on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc.

The album cover for the album is also allready done. You see it at the top of this blogposting. I decided for an old painting of the french revoloution. Don't try to sue me, because it is over 100 years old, so the copyright has expired. Doesn't that look great. Ok, guys.. I don't mean the tits. They look rather weird. I suppose the painter of the picture never saw any real ones ;)

Ok folks: No time for more talk. You want that album, right? So i have to finnish that last track! So here is "Disco Bear"! Enjoy!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Willma is taking a little trip back to her childhood -> new release!

Ok, first sorry to all those who read that good ole Facebook during the past 2 days and allways read something like "new track is going to be released". I will not get into the details, but some stuff went kinda wrong so i allways thought the new track would be just a matter of a few minutes of work... and then ...well...

But now it is done! Our new trip takes you back to the days of dear Willma's childhood. I will not get into the details because, as you can imagine, Willma's childhood was not like any childhood of a little girl. There was that incident with that other child which was found burried in the sand and also there was some accident at the beach... ahh, no I will not tell you the bloody and or embarassing details. *LOL*

So here is TRACK NUMBER ELEVEN of the upcomming album! Just 2 to go! And we plan a nice little surprise for the release of the album, but sadistic as we are, we will not tell you yet. Just as much as there will be 5 copies of the album given away for FREE in a sweepstake... oops, now I told it... ;) Details follow...

So here's the new track "Childhood Memories"! Enjoy!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Joyriding in Popp-Town - New release!

About time we get that album finnished eh? Patience, brothers and sisters: The end is near! Just 3 more songs and it will be out in the shops! This is track number ten, and it is a special one: This is a solo work by me, the mastermind of the project. No, this is not because nobody contributed anything. In fact I am working at the finalization of at least 2 other tracks simultaneously. So why is the new track "Joyriding in Popp-Town" made by me, myself and I? Well, I had that quick idea for the bassline and rythm a few days ago and i asked some contributors if they wanted to work with me at this and the answer was something like "Ugh, that's... weird... nope... no idea what to contribute to this". So I decided to finnish "Joyriding in Popp-Town" all by myself, just to show those *insert insult here* what a great song I can make out of this. Now they are all like "Wow! That's great! Makes them butts shake!". Yadayadayada... Thanks for nothing, jerks ;)

Nope, I'm not angry against my folks. In fact I am quite thankful for the opportunity to do a track for the project all by myself. Yeah, as I said, the remaining 3 tracks for the album are allready on their way and somewhere in a state between a nice arrangement and allmost finnished. So be ready for some more Willma Poppen dope during the next days. And now have fun with our (actually my ;) ) new release. Fasten your seatbelts, empty that bottle of booze and have some fun joyriding in Popp-Town. Ahh, nearly forgot: Greetings to the folks in Hamburg-Poppenb├╝ttel -> you know why ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

AlionLive features all Willma Poppen releases so far!

Heya Folks!
No new song from us so far, but some news you may have missed. Me, alionsonny, was made aware of the fact, that some of the most loyal Willma Poppen fans do obviously not visit the alionsonny Blog and website on a regular basis or even do not at all. And I was also pointed to the fact, that many Willma Poppen listeners do not know about AlionLive at all.

And as I also got to know, that the popularity of the Willma Poppen project is, accordingly to our statistical data, even bigger than that of the alionsonny project, we thought it would not just be a good idea to inform you, here at the nucleus of the Willma Poppen movement, about the following:

AlionLive is a YouTube channel on which the founder and mastermind of the WPP, alionsonny, features biketrips, hikes and some other of his activities. Recently he did a biketrip through an area of Germany, known as the "Holstein Switzerland", to the baltic sea and back. With the exception of one song, the about 50 minutes of the AlionLive Episode "Biketrip to the Baltic Sea - Radtour an die Ostsee" feature all 9 songs released by the WPP so far. So if you want to get a total view on the works of the WPP so far accompanied by some beautiful landscape, nature etc. this is a mustview. There has also been a bit of a trouble with copyright trolls and the dreaded contentfilter of YouTube. Read more about this here. Those problems by the way have been settled. Abd now, much fun with the video:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New song "Strandspaziergang" released!

Yes, the attentive fans of Willma know, that the song has been allready released friday evening, but yesterday I was just a bit too lazy to post that information here. So, what do we learn out of this? Simply: It pays to keep in touch with me, alionsonny, via Facebook. Oooh, you do not like Facebook? Well, your choice ;) For those who are using Facebook, the best source of new info about my several projects is my Facebook page. And there's also a own FB page for the Willma Poppen project. Since the later one is updated when this Blog is updated, it surely makes more sense just to follow my personal page.

Ok so far for the Kindergarden caretaking ;) The new song by us is again a pure community project. Still I did so much of the bits & pieces, especially the production, that if not Thorsten (*wave*) contributed a very nice arpeggiator line, I would have released that song as a genuine alionsonny production ;)

I can hear the non-german listeners shout "What's the meaning of the title and why all of a sudden a german title?". Cool down... the title means "a walk at the beach" and the title is German, because we (the Willma Poppen Team) are Germans. And the title came into my mind when listening to the song for the first time in finnished state. I decided to use more German songtitles in the future, because German language is too beautiful to be hidden behind any other language on the planet... and we have far too much English language in the world. alionsonny becomming a nationalist? Well, if you think so... ;)

Ahh... by the way... YES, we will start a Willma Poppen Blog in German language too soon...

Ok, that was far too much text for a Willma Poppen Blog, so now we get to the thing this posting is about: The new song "Strandspaziergang". LISTEN TO IT GODDAMN LOUD!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poppin' All Over The World -> We are back with a new song!

Heya folks! Now, that didn't take too long at all. seems like the project is getting some kind of a shape, which is about time since the project is soon 7 years of age. With our latest release, we kinda returned to the original Willma Poppen approach and this time really everyone is happy with the result... not that it wasn't like this all the time ;)
Ok, you are happy, that there is finally a new Willma Poppen track? Shall I make you even more happy? OK: The next track is allmost ready! Just a bit of finnishing work, and it is ready to be released. and you know what that means? The next track will be the 9th track released by Willma Poppen, and this means JUST 4 MORE TRACKS AND THE ALBUM "HEROES OF THE POPP-CULTURE" IS READY TO BE RELEASED! And this means you will be finally able to buy our tracks at iTunes, Amazon etc. and thus you will be able to cruise around in your car and blast the Willma Poppen sound all over the beach. Yeah, enough words. Here's the music:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Mrs. Von Poppen's Funny Mushroom Omelette!

Yeah, yeah, here we go. After quite a time... well you know it: The Willma Poppen Project doesn't release tracks each day, but quite rarely. But for all you very patient folks, here is the new song by Willma Poppen. And this time it is produced by the original core team of Willma Poppen, whose members  traditionally will be kept secret. In fact this is the first time after the release of "Popp-U-lism", that the core founders of Willma Poppen did a track together. There was a time, when it all looked like, Willma Poppen would continue as just another solo project by me, Juergen Wolther aka alionsonny, and I am so glad that, once again I managed it to bring that group of very creative folks together to get a track done. And to celebrate that great Willma Poppren reunion, I did not alter to contribution of the Willma Poppen Crew as much as I did when I produced, mixed, mastered the recent Willma Poppen tracks. Instead I glued the parts together like some badly made Frankenstein Monster to preserve as much of the colaborative spirit as possible. May many of such works follow. Maybe we get a Willma Poppen album out someday... would be about time ;)
And here it is, our new song:

Monday, April 23, 2012

New Song "Popp-Eye"!

Yeah, it has been a while, since we released anything new, but now it has happened once again. And since two of the team members got surprisingly unemployed, at least they will be able to invest a bit more time into new songs, so that not only alionsonny is working at the project as it has been the case during quite a long time. We are very excited and gratefull, that despite the little number of songs we released, our music is quite popular and we get so many encouraging mails from people who want us to continue on our path. we did not get rich and famous up to now, but we have a faithful and growing fanbase. And that is what counts! So here for you: Our new song "Popp-Eye"!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So sorry for the problems with the Website!

Heya Folks!
Some of our fans notified us various times about the fact, that our little Website was allmost unusable for quite a time. That was due to the fact that I, alionsonny, changed some of the PHP code of the framework which is used for several sites and didn't keep an eye on the Willma Poppen site. Now some folks are quite angry against me, and I can understand that very well, especially because I did not react immediately when people mailed that the site was trashed. Well, I didn't know that after we have not published songs for quite a time, there are still people out there visiting the site and concentrated my work more on the other projects I am working at.
But there's a happy end: Today I fixed the site completely and everything should be fine now.