Saturday, December 22, 2012

Apocalypso - Are we alive? (New Song!)

Of cause we are! It has been a bit quiet around the Willma Poppen Project since the release of the "Heroes of the Popp-Culture" album. So some allready thought that the project says good bye with that album. That thinking was especially fueled by some rumors of "discontent"  between the members of the Willma Poppen team. This is settled, because I, alionsonny, decided since quite a time to continue the project on my own.

This marks the start of a new era for the Willma Poppen project. The sound will of cause change a bit, now that I am able to 100% decide about the future style of Willma Poppen, which opens a completely new field of possibilities. For those, worried about the changes: I will make sure that you continue to love the Willma Poppen style. But let's face the facts: You all recognized over the time, that we could not keep up with the original approach of the project, which was to create trivial, masscompatible and commercial music. We all were too much into experimenting and had our own artistic goals. And along that road, which finally lead to the release of "Heroes of the Popp-Culture", we found our own dedicated audience. Actually we expected a different kind of an audience. Actually our audience is not the masses now, but a dedicated and demanding audience, who love exactly those experimental and sometimes a bit weird creations featured on "Heroes of the Popp-Culture".

So what will change? Since the 13 tracks so far released by Willma Poppen have a strong 80s music influence, I decided to push that further. Since I love the 80s popmusic, especially the Euro- and Italo Dancemusic, I decided to incorporate a lot more of that kind of music. Still I also love a lot of the 90s Techno/Rave stuff and also want to put some elements I love from that decade into it. The basic elements, which influenced the tracks of Willma Poppen so far, which stretch from 70s Disco to modern Trance music will still be a big part of the Willma Poppen sound.

After so many words about the future of Willma Poppen, I am proud to present the first piece of art of the new Willma Poppen era. This also is the start of the work at the second Willma Poppen album, which has no name / workingtitle by now... let's call it "Fritz" ;). So here's the song. It was entirely produced on December 21rst 2012. You remember? That doomsday which was somehow cancelled ;). I tried to capture my feelings about that day in the song -> who feels it, knows it.
Do you like it? Please let me know if you do. So let that mark the start of a even better, stronger and creative future of the Willma Poppen project. Popp on!

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