Thursday, February 7, 2013

Willma's hymn for Madeira!

If you followed my news on Facebook during the past days, you know that I am working at this track since quite a time. After the alionsonny project released a Reggae track, titled Madeira quite a time ago, it was just a matter of time until the Willma Poppen project releases a song for Madeira too. This has now happened.

The track consequently follows it's (by me) destined path of evolution from Popp techno to what I call "Progressive Popp Techno". If you thought "Yeah, this year starts well", when listening to "Apocalypso", you will find this to be confirmed by the new track. It is so far the most complicated/complex track by Willma Poppen, what answers the question why in the end it took so long to finnish the track. So you will hear that this track is very rich in variety. This is, because while working at the track, I had many images and situations from Madeira on my mind and wanted to tell the story about them using this sonf.

So be prepared for a very interesting musical trip with Willma Poppen to the most beautiful island in the world:

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