Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Come with me to the Heavens Meadow!

WHAT? Hey, don't worry, I'm still not completely insane... well ... hmm, supposedly the madman recognizes his insanity as the last ;). The avid AlionLive viewers will most likely know the secret behind the unusual title of this work already. For those who have, however, missed part 3 of the bike ride to Mölln and Ratzeburg, I can easily explain it all. On that bike trip I spent the first night at the Ratzeburg Lake, at a place which, for whatever reason, is called Himmelswiese (heavens meadow). As you can see in the video, the evening atmosphere in this place was truly heavenly. And while I sat there and enjoyed the red and purple sunset over the lake with a tasty beer, I had the first ideas for this musical work . So easy ....

Even though I have been warned that the productions for the Willma Poppen project are becoming more and more "weird", and that I risk to lose the "primordial" Willma Poppen audience completely, I do not really believe that. Well, it is completely clear to me, that some of those, who understood the original project approach as eternal and the only true Willma Poppen sound, now say goodbye. But you all hopefully know what I think of restrictions to my creative freedom. And the Reggae fans of the alionsonny project can sing a loud song about how I react to attempts to confine me in genre boundaries. Correct: With MORE crazy experiments :) . So "Himmelswiese", is by far not the weirdest experiment of Willma, but quite close. I have even more played around with a little bit unusual chord progressions and used my rudimentary knowledge in music theory. WHAAAT? You do not know that I cannot even read and write music notes (and I do not want too)? Well, that's the way it goes.. :D.

So we now have 7 of the traditional 13 tracks for album ready! And this means that we have over 50% of the tracks finnished and the next one is already almost done. It is the long-awaited colaboration with Donnie Ozone. This track means a lot to me personally and, therefore, I invested and still invest a gigantic time quota into it. When you get to hear it during the next days, you'll know why. "Strangers to ourselves" , as it is titled, will be the first somg published on alionmind records, which will be released as a single, upfront to the album release to buy. This means: You do not have to wait for the album release to buy it. This is a little "experiment" . I love experiments! :D

So, before the Internet bursts to pieces because of all the text, here is "Himmelswiese":

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