Sunday, June 13, 2010

Willma Poppen IS BACK!

Because some of the Popp-Folks had some different stuff to do, the Willma Poppen Project was allmost dead. Then we had major problems with hackers on our stupid Joomla (sod that crap!) website which nobody was willing to fix... aww let's stop the excuses :D In fact not much was happening for over a year at the Willma Poppen Project. But because of popular demand and people allways asking for news from the project, we are now back in full force. We have a brandnew website on the brandnew domain of our resident weblabel alionmind records and Sonny and the WP Crew are allready working at new gems of Popp-Cultural Music. We will also undust and revamp some of the other stuff, but as we are all working at several of our own projects, it will most probably take some time, until we get everything in place. Many people asked for a album by Willma Poppen and YES, this is definately on our agenda. The working title is "Heroes of the Popp-Culture" and like alionsonny's albums it will contain the magic number of 13 tracks. You see: We have a lot to do, as our little project released only 3 tracks up to now. We will also release one or more of the typical Willma Poppen musicvideos also. So stay tuned, visit our website from time to time and you'll know when something happens. We are back, we are hot and we are dangerous! Popp on!

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