Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Track - "Heroes of the Popp-Culture"

Yes, it is done! After approximately 2 years of absulte silence at the Poppen Headquarters, a new track has finally been released yesterday. Those who follow alionsonny on Twitter and Facebook allready know about it. There has been quite a bog controversy at the Willma Poppen thinktank about how this project will go on. There have been loads of differencies between the leftover members of the core team about style questions, if the project should leave its current state and become a live act, if we should even more open the project to other musicians and contributors in several ways. To keep it short: The whole concept of the project was questiones with the result that everything should stay as it is but should be pushed with more force. alionsonny was quite p*ssed recently about the lazyness of some folks who were very excited when it all started, but contributed not much after. Other core members of the project were again p*ssed about, that alionsonny works at his own projects a lot more and still is the man who makes the decisions. Well, you see, there was a lot of sh*t flying around. Finally all folks are cool now again and very pleased about the realization and mix of the new track alionsonny created at his laboratory for the new track. Now that you know about some of the ugly stuff, it is time for the good stuff aka music. Here's our brandnew track "Heroes of the Popp-Culture":

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