Monday, May 2, 2011

New song "Poppin' on Heavens Door" has been released!

Yes, it was about time that a new Willma Poppen smashhit was released, but due to the structure of this project, it was not possible to put something together faster. Well I, alionsonny, learned a lot from all the confusion and obstacles inside the project and decided to take even more duties in this project as MY duties, which, as a mater of fact, turns this project into a one man project with supporters who contribute just from time to time. This gives ME more artistical freedom and makes this project less dependent on people who seem to not have the time to contribute to it on a regular basis. So in fact Willma Poppen is now MY sideproject. This will definately speed up things and songs of this project will be more often released than in the past years. You'll probably also recognize a change of the Willma Poppen sound generally and I hope you like it.
I thank all the contributors to this project, no matter if they still contribute or not. Even tho I am quite disapointed about some folks who founded this project with me, boasting about how involved they would be and how much they would contribute, I have no hard feelings against anyone of them. It is just that I would have loved it if they had a bit more of a realistic view about how much time they were able to invest. Still everybody is welcome to work with me, to make this project succeed.
But enough about all the structural and strategical stuff, here's the new song by Willma Poppen. It's the last one which is produced by the old team:

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