Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poppin' All Over The World -> We are back with a new song!

Heya folks! Now, that didn't take too long at all. seems like the project is getting some kind of a shape, which is about time since the project is soon 7 years of age. With our latest release, we kinda returned to the original Willma Poppen approach and this time really everyone is happy with the result... not that it wasn't like this all the time ;)
Ok, you are happy, that there is finally a new Willma Poppen track? Shall I make you even more happy? OK: The next track is allmost ready! Just a bit of finnishing work, and it is ready to be released. and you know what that means? The next track will be the 9th track released by Willma Poppen, and this means JUST 4 MORE TRACKS AND THE ALBUM "HEROES OF THE POPP-CULTURE" IS READY TO BE RELEASED! And this means you will be finally able to buy our tracks at iTunes, Amazon etc. and thus you will be able to cruise around in your car and blast the Willma Poppen sound all over the beach. Yeah, enough words. Here's the music:

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