Sunday, August 5, 2012

New song "Strandspaziergang" released!

Yes, the attentive fans of Willma know, that the song has been allready released friday evening, but yesterday I was just a bit too lazy to post that information here. So, what do we learn out of this? Simply: It pays to keep in touch with me, alionsonny, via Facebook. Oooh, you do not like Facebook? Well, your choice ;) For those who are using Facebook, the best source of new info about my several projects is my Facebook page. And there's also a own FB page for the Willma Poppen project. Since the later one is updated when this Blog is updated, it surely makes more sense just to follow my personal page.

Ok so far for the Kindergarden caretaking ;) The new song by us is again a pure community project. Still I did so much of the bits & pieces, especially the production, that if not Thorsten (*wave*) contributed a very nice arpeggiator line, I would have released that song as a genuine alionsonny production ;)

I can hear the non-german listeners shout "What's the meaning of the title and why all of a sudden a german title?". Cool down... the title means "a walk at the beach" and the title is German, because we (the Willma Poppen Team) are Germans. And the title came into my mind when listening to the song for the first time in finnished state. I decided to use more German songtitles in the future, because German language is too beautiful to be hidden behind any other language on the planet... and we have far too much English language in the world. alionsonny becomming a nationalist? Well, if you think so... ;)

Ahh... by the way... YES, we will start a Willma Poppen Blog in German language too soon...

Ok, that was far too much text for a Willma Poppen Blog, so now we get to the thing this posting is about: The new song "Strandspaziergang". LISTEN TO IT GODDAMN LOUD!

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