Monday, September 24, 2012

All hail the mighty Arpeggiatorus! DONE! The last track for the album!

Yeeeehaw pardners AAAND DONE! We are allmost ready to release that album you have waited for since 2008. Aww, so much time has passed allready since you first witnessed the sweet sounds of the Willma Poppen Project? Yes it has. But well... the wait is soon over. That new track we released today, titled "Holy Arpeggiatorus" deserves it's name, because it features a heavy load of stunning use of the allmighty arpeggiator.

So what's left to do until we release the album? There are 3 tracks I, alionsonny grandmaster of the Willma Poppen Illuminati Lodge, have to take a close look at again and fix some mixing issues. Those who listened for some times through the tracks will know which tracks I mean ;)

So, without any more words: Here's THE HOLY ARPEGGIATORUS!

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