Monday, September 10, 2012

Joyriding in Popp-Town - New release!

About time we get that album finnished eh? Patience, brothers and sisters: The end is near! Just 3 more songs and it will be out in the shops! This is track number ten, and it is a special one: This is a solo work by me, the mastermind of the project. No, this is not because nobody contributed anything. In fact I am working at the finalization of at least 2 other tracks simultaneously. So why is the new track "Joyriding in Popp-Town" made by me, myself and I? Well, I had that quick idea for the bassline and rythm a few days ago and i asked some contributors if they wanted to work with me at this and the answer was something like "Ugh, that's... weird... nope... no idea what to contribute to this". So I decided to finnish "Joyriding in Popp-Town" all by myself, just to show those *insert insult here* what a great song I can make out of this. Now they are all like "Wow! That's great! Makes them butts shake!". Yadayadayada... Thanks for nothing, jerks ;)

Nope, I'm not angry against my folks. In fact I am quite thankful for the opportunity to do a track for the project all by myself. Yeah, as I said, the remaining 3 tracks for the album are allready on their way and somewhere in a state between a nice arrangement and allmost finnished. So be ready for some more Willma Poppen dope during the next days. And now have fun with our (actually my ;) ) new release. Fasten your seatbelts, empty that bottle of booze and have some fun joyriding in Popp-Town. Ahh, nearly forgot: Greetings to the folks in Hamburg-Poppenb├╝ttel -> you know why ;)

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