Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Song "RaumReise"!

With this fourth song on the album "Willma in Wonderland," the songs for a third of the album are finished. There is still a lot to do, but since I already have quite a few more titles in various stages of completion, I see it all calmly. The newest song is a consistent pursue on the path that I had in mind for the Willma Poppen project after the release of "Heroes of the Popp-Culture": From simple, pleasing Pop(p)-Techno to a kind of "Progressive-Popp-Techno. More experiments and above all fun!

"RaumReise" is in many ways a little different from the previous releases: It is much faster than most previous songs. This is, why this track has not the traditional five minutes play time. For a song like this 3 minutes 48 seconds are absolutely sufficient. The drums are quite spartanic with only a bass drum and a snare sample. The bass is booming throughout the whole track on a single note. This is neither caused by laziness nor lack of ideas, but simply by the fact that I found it quite adequate. Always something new! And new does not always mean "more". This song is an experiment in the direction of minimalism. And if you're thinking, the whole thing has been easy to produce because of that, you're wrong: The restriction of means of expression that I had jokingly imposed upon me for that title brought with it some creative hurdles. One thing is clear: I will research further in that field ;). Oh yes: For the professionals or ear-trained other folks with sequencer knowledge which may hear that some arpeggiators seem mistimed I have to say that I set the arpeggiators with intent "off-beat" to obtain an "organic flow". In addition, the one or the other funny rhythmic effect materializes out of that ;)

Ok, now you should have all the necessary and unnecessary information. Have fun with "RaumReise"!

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