Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stretching the limits with "RaumZeit". New song!

I'm getting easily further with the production of the songs for the second Willma Poppen album. I'm not quite sure if I get the remaining 8 songs done until my birthday on July 19th, but the album will most probably still be released in 2013. I do not exclusively produce sound material for this project, but also for Cimelium and alionsonny project.

The title of this blog entry fits quite well. The new song "RaumZeit" is actually stretching the limits. Ok, this is actually the case since at latest the second half of "Heroes of the Popp-Culture". Since I have taken over the project completely (at the latest), I try with each new song release, to test new boundaries, to set new benchmarks for the structure of the Willma Poppen sound. With "RaumZeit", I have, in my opinion, "pushed the pedal to the metal". I have learned some new tricks and a few cherished (now partly also hated) habits have been thrown overboard.

With "RaumZeit", which title is not coincidentally similar to the previous track "RaumReise" I "married" some proven concepts of the early days of the Willma Poppen project with the new, experimental style. "RaumZeit" is Willma Poppen's final goodbye to the concept of being just another pleasing pop act, and a fearless plunge into incomparability. From now applies: Nothing sounds like Willma Poppen and Willma Poppen sounds like no one else. It's not about complacency. Here is 100% individuality and originality. Willma Poppen is thus, contrary to the original idea, on the warpath with customs and the mainstream. But things are still danceable and funny and of course insane. Well, and after so much pathos and promise, here is the new song. Fasten your seatbelts, as we go on a pretty turbulent journey.

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