Tuesday, August 14, 2012

AlionLive features all Willma Poppen releases so far!

Heya Folks!
No new song from us so far, but some news you may have missed. Me, alionsonny, was made aware of the fact, that some of the most loyal Willma Poppen fans do obviously not visit the alionsonny Blog and website on a regular basis or even do not at all. And I was also pointed to the fact, that many Willma Poppen listeners do not know about AlionLive at all.

And as I also got to know, that the popularity of the Willma Poppen project is, accordingly to our statistical data, even bigger than that of the alionsonny project, we thought it would not just be a good idea to inform you, here at the nucleus of the Willma Poppen movement, about the following:

AlionLive is a YouTube channel on which the founder and mastermind of the WPP, alionsonny, features biketrips, hikes and some other of his activities. Recently he did a biketrip through an area of Germany, known as the "Holstein Switzerland", to the baltic sea and back. With the exception of one song, the about 50 minutes of the AlionLive Episode "Biketrip to the Baltic Sea - Radtour an die Ostsee" feature all 9 songs released by the WPP so far. So if you want to get a total view on the works of the WPP so far accompanied by some beautiful landscape, nature etc. this is a mustview. There has also been a bit of a trouble with copyright trolls and the dreaded contentfilter of YouTube. Read more about this here. Those problems by the way have been settled. Abd now, much fun with the video:

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